John Bachar, 1957 – 2009

July 2008, Mammoth Lakes, CA

John Bachar, July 2008, Mammoth Lakes, CA

John Bachar fell whilst soloing at the Dike Wall near Mammoth Lakes in California this weekend (July 5th 2009).

The Dike Wall is situated at 9,000ft above Mammoth Lakes where John lived with his son. John was climbing alone and was found at the base of the 80ft North Wall. He was pronounced dead at Mammoth Hospital on Sunday afternoon. John was 51, and leaves a son, Tyrus.

Our deepest condolences and sympathies go out to John’s family and friends. has started a thread to offer your respects: John Bachar – In memory of a great man 1957 – 2009

We met up with John in July 2008, in Mammoth Lakes, USA and filmed a great interview with him. Below is some of that interview, which hopefully shows some of John’s mindset, ethos and humour.

Rest In Peace.


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4 responses to “John Bachar, 1957 – 2009

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  3. Watching John’s video brought back all that was real about him. Such a purest, and funny too. My family’s prayers are with him and his family. Lydia wants to give Tyrus a big hug and let him know she is thinking of him at this difficult and tragic time.

  4. To all those who knew John, we were fortunate. Watching his interview again gave me such a peaceful and introspective look on life. Be kind, thoughtful,respectful, and intelligent like John,(somewhat synical too right?) and good things will follow.

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